Fotograf Interlaken

Photographer John Wisdom

I am an experienced photographer based in Interlaken, Switzerland. I am British and I have lived in the area for twenty four years. I know a lot of spectacular locations for a special photo shoot. It can be a surprise engagement, elopement, wedding, honeymoon or family vacation.

I am not a 9 to 5 person. I am flexible. Normally it is possible to change the day of the photo shoot for better weather.

I have been an entertainer most of my life. Being a "people person" makes it easy for me to communicate with people at a photo shoot. It makes the photo shoot an enjoyable and memorable experience without any stress. It creates a relaxed atmosphere and I get some good pictures!


Interlaken Photographer

I have photographed a lot of couples over the past eight years. I have gained a lot of experience. You will quickly feel relaxed in front of my camera. Every photo shoot has been different. People with special requests. It can be the weather; winter or summer; the time of the day and position of the sun.


Engagement Photo Shoot

I have photographed many surprise wedding proposals. There are several ways to propose marriage and I can offer helpful advice based upon my experience.


Wedding Photographer

The official wedding is conducted by a Swiss government person. The civil ceremony is in a designated building or an approved location like the Harder Kulm. It is a special moment in your life. It should not be ruined by the constant clicking of the camera. I am very respectful. The blessing in the church should not be disturbed with unnecessary noise from the photographer.

Based on my experience, I know what will be happening during the ceremony and be ready with my camera. I also know what is expected of me afterwards when photographing groups.


Experienced photographer

My experience comes from offering a fair price for my services. I get more work and more experience from the diversity of the project.

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