Surprise wedding proposal in Mürren, Switzerland. It was suppose to be a surprise but somehow Barinder had found out. I knew Ricky was getting nervous from his e-mails. I thought something had happened when I saw what Barinder was wearing. High heels and a low cut dress in the snow!

The location I normally use is unavailable in the winter. The benches are going and it has become a ski piste.The sun is also lower.


Surprise wedding proposal in Mürren
Photographer for a marriage proposal in the Swiss Alps above Mürren. Ricky asks Barinder to marry him.

Surprise wedding proposal in Mürren
Barinder had discovered Ricky^s plan of a surprise engagement and she came dressed for the occasion.
Surprise wedding proposal in Mürren
Photo shoot after the engagement. Clouds blocked the view of the mountains. But suddenly then was a break for a few minutes.
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